Types of tourists in the world

The world is a colourful place, and it comes with all types of tourists. And if you thought they are all pretty much the same, no matter what country they come from, you are in for a big surprise. In fact, you might just fit one of the descriptions below.

  • The DSLR Tourist

If you pay a lot of money on something, especially if you have to spend hours convincing your partner you need it, you are definitely going to carry it around as much as possible. In other words, you will always find one or two people with an expensive DSLR hanging from their necks. At the same time, they prefer taking photos with their phones.

The next time you see someone with a DSLR, nobody will blame you for doubting their ability to actually use it.The Cheap Tourist

Okay, you might know someone in your family who fits this description too, but cheap tourists are a dime a dozen. These are the people who won’t pay a little bit extra for leg room on the long flight, and they’ll take the cheapest seat they can get. They even search for the most affordable accommodation, and the dangers of sharing with a stranger don’t sound as bad as paying for a private room.

  • The Laid-Back Tourist

Of course, what would a group of tourists be without one or two laid-back individuals? You can expect to catch them with a backpack instead of a suitcase, and they’ll be wearing shorts while everyone else is shivering cold. They don’t get irritated or lose their cool, and planning is something they leave to the birds.

  • The Photo-Journalist Tourist

You can easily spot the eager photo-journalist tourist, because they are the only ones putting themselves in the most awkward positions, just to take a picture. It doesn’t matter what’s happening, a flash is going off somewhere, and the people back home are going to see it unfold in a series of detailed pictures.

  • The Selfie Tourist

Some tourists don’t make sense. Take the selfie tourist as an example. They get on a plane, car or a bus, travel thousands of miles, only to take photos of themselves. If the picture doesn’t include some part of their body or face, it doesn’t need to be there. The question is, why do they travel all that way for something they don’t really care to see or document?

  • The Luxury Tourist

This list wouldn’t be complete without the ever popular luxury tourist. There is simply no pleasing them, even when they can’t think of anything to demand. When they travel, it’s a private jet or first class. Their hotel room can always be found in the heart of the city, and they will take seven suitcases for a two-day stay. For these individuals, it’s all about making a big entrance.

  • The Food Tourist

For some people, travelling involves one primary purpose – testing as many different foods as possible. When they go out, it needs to be a place where some type of meal is being served. And it’s not that these people can’t control their hunger. It’s just their way of experiencing a different culture.

  • The Clueless Tourist

Not everyone is cut out to travel. Some people think they are, but once they step off the plane, they lose all sense of direction. All of a sudden, their English turns into gibberish, and they walk up and down the streets with a map, trying to find an address two hundred miles in the opposite direction.

Yes, the world is a colourful place, and all the different tourists make it better. If you want to know more about tourism, please visit the page.

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