Our review about Nikon 8397 aculon A11 golf rangefinder

When it comes to the manufacturing of some of the best golf rangefinders, Nikon is an industry leader. They manufacture a range of other products such as cameras. Their range of products includes some of the best you can find anywhere.

The main reason we chose this model from Nikon is its numerous premium features. Unlike other models from the same manufacturer, this golf rangefinder truly stands out. Its high-end features give it an edge over the other Nikon models. It stands in good stead compared to the market leaders when it comes to golf rangefinders.

Besides, you will be able to buy this golf rangefinder at the most affordable price, anywhere. Why would you want to buy any other rangefinder? Read on to learn about the different features that make the Nikon 8397 Aculon A11 a go-to option.

Features of the Product

On the outside, the product features a grey colour and green colours. But that wouldn’t make a big difference if this golf rangefinder was not also lightweight at only 4.4 ounces. The import of that is that it is easy to carry, even for a golfer who is spending a long time on the course.

It can keep scanning continuously for 20 seconds and ensures that the scanning doesn’t stop until you get the measurements you desire. The accuracy of the rangefinder is also greatly enhanced.

Did you know that the Nikon 8397 Aculon A11 can read through trees and other obstacles? You do not have to go around obstacles to get the measurements you need. What that means is that you can shoot the golf ball from virtually any location and still be accurate.

The rangefinder comes with a 550-yard range which is further than most other products. It also has a magnification feature of 6 times. This increases the accuracy of the rangefinder that giving you more targeted results. Point it towards a group of targets, and it will automatically focus on the furthest.

The display is easy to read and provides measurements both in yards and meters. Thus it is easy for you to choose the units you want to use. Besides, the rangefinder will work even in situations where the visibility is zero. You can use it in foggy, as well as, rainy conditions. You don’t have to worry about dripping rainwater obscuring your view since the device automatically corrects the view.

One of the reasons you should buy the Nikon 8397 Aculon AL11 is that it is water resistant. It matters not if you are using it in wet conditions. You will still have it intact at the end of the tournament. Most of the operations on this rangefinder are done through a single button. Because of its compact nature, you can carry it in your pocket or golf bag.

The multi-coated lenses help to reduce the loss of light at the time of transmission. Thus the quality of the view is maintained to a higher quality than usual. Resulting in a very clear picture of the golf course.

This golf rangefinder has an 18mm eye relief. No matter who is using it, this ensures that the field of view is clear enough. In comparison to other products which have a 15mm relief, the 18mm makes the Nikon 8397 Aculon AL11 top-of-the-range.

Like many other golf rangefinders on the market, this product uses laser technology. The good thing is that Nikon employs class 1 laser, which does not harm your eyes. You don’t have to worry about making arrangements for extra safety precautions.

This product makes use of multilayer coatings by Nikon. In essence, this makes it easy to transmit light from the objects to the eye. Rarely the light gets lost due to reflection. Where the view would have been blurred and invisible, it becomes much clearer. While this feature is used in most of the other Nikon product, it seems to work much better in this one. If you want to know more about some of the best golf range finder list then click the link below.

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What are some advantages of the product?

Golf rangefinders provide many benefits for both the newbies and professionals. Buy this particular one, and you will be able to target the hole accurately. It will ensure that you are not obstructed by mounds, trees, and other obstacles. Thus you can accurately find the target.

You also have the most significant opportunity to attain the furthest distances with a single stroke. This golf rangefinder takes the hassle out of the process of estimating the distance to the hole. If the golf ball was to be lost somewhere in the bushes, you could hunt for it using the same rangefinder. Thus it becomes unnecessary for you to hire the services of a caddie.

With a range of up to 550 yards, this golf rangefinder is good enough for professional golf players. No matter how far the target is, you will be able to reach it easily. As stated in the features above, this rangefinder will target the things that appear furthest.

Why wouldn’t any serious golfer not have one?

The other benefit of this rangefinder is that you will be able to see through fog and rain. It is water resistant, which basically means you can use it in wet conditions. You won’t have to ever stop playing golf just because of a rainstorm. Even when the rain droplets get onto the lens, their refractive effect is minimised to a great extent. You will get an accurate view regardless of the conditions and distance.

When it comes to making it easier for you to scan this golf rangefinder has a 20-second continuous scan. It continuously updates distance between you and the target. To accurately find the range, all you need it to hit ‘Scan’. As the target keeps moving, the device will display the updated distances right there in front of you.


A golf rangefinder doesn’t work on its own. It comes with many accessories, the first one being a pair of replaceable batteries. You will also get a golf rangefinder strap carrying case, wrist strap, charger, and a microfiber cloth for cleaning.

Our Remark

We highly recommend that you get this product thanks to its many great features. The Nikon range of golf rangefinders has been growing other the years. Although some reviewers suggest that this product is best used for hunting, it also makes a great golf rangefinder. Despite its many features, the rangefinder has a very low price tag. What that means is that you get value with every dollar you spend on this product. So go for it!